A Word from Pastor Ed – September 27, 2023

Pastor Ed

Dear Members, Friends, and Guests:

Thanks to Melana Scruggs for kicking off the sermon series, “How to be the Best Grandparents Ever!” She set the right tone for the series and weaved in the biblical text to family responsibilities! Many of us may not be grandparents. We are, however, grandkids, and that perspective is very helpful! In fact, when families with children worship with Lely, they meet 100 + grandparents waiting to pamper and love them and their children!

Thanks also to Bette Decoteau leading the Town Hall last Sunday. She covered important aspects of being part of a Presbyterian Church and touched on some of the important aspects of a church on the grow! Sure, we are experiencing growing pains as we experiment with bulletins, ways to present the elements of the service, and communicate! We are all rowing in the same direction! Keep the faith as we take one step at a time!

Blessing of the Animals will be held Sunday, October 1, at 5:00 pm on the church campus. Such a joy to see the four legged members of the families turn out for a this special service!

Lely’s Music Team returns for worship on Sunday, October 15 and Choir Rehearsal begins Thursday, October 19 at 4:00 pm!!! Get your voices ready!!

Thanks for your prayers! Jane and I met with an occular oncologist specialist and he reassured us that any treatment will be very routine! That news alone brought calm. Thanks for your prayers!
See you Sunday!

Welcome to Lely…..Welcome Home….You Belong Here!!

I remain a Servant of Christ….


Pastor Ed

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