Lely Presbyterian Church invites people to engage, connect, and integrate into the work and ministry of Jesus Christ with Lely Presbyterian Church. That is primarily done through Worship, Education, and Mission.

Once a quarter, Lely hosts a Connect to Lely Class on the second Sunday of September, December, April, July following the 10:30 AM service in the church office or another location on campus to be determined.

You can connect as an Active Member and be eligible to vote at congregational meetings and serve as a Church Officer!

You may connect as an Affiliate Member and retain membership in your home church and formalize your connection to Lely Pres!

You may connect as a Digital Member due to geographic location yet seekt to formalize your relationship with Lely Pres (very similar to Affiliate Member).

You may connect as a Friend of Lely and be involved via that avenue of connection!

The primary focus is for each of us to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ!! That’s it!! From that commitment, engage the community for Christ regardless of your connection to Lely Pres!

To sign up for the connections class either in-person or online, send a note to info@lpcnaples.org or call the church office at 239-774-6151.