A Letter from Bob and Glenn

Dear Friends of the Choir Loft and Congregation of Lely Church:

Glenn and I are so very EXCITED to return home to Lely Church and start up another inspirational year together. We will arrive around October 13th and be ready to play and lead worship on October 15th and will be so happy to see everyone again.

We are looking forward to our BIG kick off rehearsal on Thursday October 19th 4:00 PMin the choir room.

Get ready! We have so many plans for this season and have been working this summer planning and finding wonderful music that we know the choir will love as well as the congregation.

We are looking forward to working with Ed to create new and meaningful ways to worship together at Lely Church. If you are new, and were not with us last year and would like to give the choir a try, PLEASE COME to our first rehearsal!!!!

I will have music for you and know you will enjoy our time together. To our returning choir members please pass the word so we have a great first rehearsal together.

Sending you our love! Click Here to Email Bob and Glenn! if you have any questions! See you very soon.

Here is a picture from a concert we did in New Jersey so you remember what we look like.

Bob and Glenn

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