A Word from Pastor Ed October 11, 2023

Pastor Ed

Dear Members, Friends, and Guests:

Lely celebrated the baptism of Prisca Andre’ at the 9:00 am service last Sunday! A huge thanks to Alida Helmlinger for putting together the banner for Prisca and her family! There is always a well spring of joy when making a promise to raise a child with Christian values and support the parents in this sacred endeavor! Congratulations!!

The baptism of Prisca fit perfectly with the theme of heroes of faith and how to be the best grandparents ever! Prisca joined the lineage of the faithful handed down thru the ages!

The sermon series continues with scripture from II Timothy 1. Paul knows his protege Timothy and names his mother and grandmother in the letter! As we mature in the faith, we need to be spiritual leaders!

AND, the best news for Sunday……Bob and Glenn return to lead the music ministry! Remember, choir rehearsal begins Thursday, October 19 at 4:00 pm in the Choir Room!! Click Here to Let Bob and Glenn Know you Plan to Attend

Moorings Presbyterian Church will host a Ukrainian Concert on Sunday, October 15 at 4:00 pm and feature the KYIV Orchestra Concert and Choir. See more details below!

Blessing of the Animals will be held Saturday, November 4, at 10:00 am on the church campus. Such a joy to see the four legged members of the families turn out for a this special service! Click Here and Listen to a Personal Invite

November 5 is All Saints Sunday! During the 10:30 am worship service, Lely will remember members and friends who Joined the Church Triumphant during the previous year!

mber 11 at 9:00 am, Lely Presbyterian Church will honor Veterans during a special service! Please plan to attend this 30 minute service! Click Here to Send names of Veterans to be Included

Finally, the world is facing incredible challenges. A good friend of mine, Rabbi Larry Bazer, offered his perspective on what is happening between Israel and Hamas. Click Here to Watch the Interview

See you Sunday!

Welcome to Lely…..Welcome Home….You Belong Here!!

I remain a Servant of Christ….


Pastor Ed

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