Sermon Series: Dinner with Jesus

Pastor Ed will begin an eight week sermon series entitled, “Dinner with Jesus” on Sunday, June 4 concluding July 23.  We will take a look at the settings and people with whom Jesus broke bread, the conversation in which they engaged, and look at how such conversations apply to our lives!  Here’s the series!

Sunday, June 4 Dinner with Jesus: Bad Company!  Luke 5.27-32

Sunday, June 11 Dinner with Jesus: The Unexpected Guest! Luke 7.36-50

Sunday, June 18 Dinner with Jesus: The Guest List! Luke 14.1-24

Sunday, June 25 Dinner with Jesus: No is a Beautiful Word! Mark 1.37–39

Sunday, July 2 Dinner with Jesus: The Revolutionary Picnic Luke 9.10-27

Sunday, July 9 Dinner with Jesus: What is Better? Luke 10.38-42

Sunday, July 16 Dinner with Jesus: You’re Missing It! Luke 11.37044

Sunday, July 23 Dinner with Jesus: Breakfast with Jesus! John 21.1-17

See you then!!!

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