Pastor Ed’s Letter for January 31, 2024

Pastor Ed

Congregants, Friends & Members:

 Fifty Years Old! WOW!

 Do you remember when each of us thought of 50 as old?

 We are so grateful for the vision of Moorings Presbyterian Church.

 That congregation saw the growth taking place in the East Naples area and took the leap of faith to plant a congregation on St. Andrews Boulevard.

 That foresight paid off! Lely Presbyterian became a church home for seasonal and year-round residents. Children gathered for Sunday School; adults assembled to sing; preachers stood in the pulpit and preached; congregants gathered on Sundays; and numerous memorable personalities populated the parish on St. Andrews Boulevard!

 Bonnie Kluttz and her team have worked tirelessly to ensure a stellar celebration commemorating 50 years of ministry! You will find a video below guesstimating sermons, attendees, finances, and ministries for Lely Presbyterian Church!

 I have one favor to ask: Please take lots of pictures on Saturday at the dinner and on Sunday during the 50th Worship Celebration! Text the pics to 302-932-9861.

 Be sure to thank Bonnie and her team! And also be sure to express your appreciation to Kris in the office for how she has played all utility in-fielder catching all requests that came her way!

 The strength of any organization are the people. The people make the church….not the building! The strength of Lely are the people and Lely Presbyterian Church is blessed beyond measure by the many different and talented folks who comprise the congregation!

 Have a fabulous dinner and an inspiring worship service commemorating 50 years of ministry! You are in our prayers and we are grateful for your concern and prayers!!

 Welcome to Lely Presbyterian Church!

Welcome to Worship!

Welcome Home!

I remain a Servant of Christ…..


Ed Brandt, Pastor

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