Pastor Ed’s Letter for February 7, 2024

Pastor Ed

Congregants, Friends & Members:

The 50th Anniversary Weekend, by all accounts, was amazing!!

 Rev. Harold Brown, Pastor Emeritus; Rev. Dr. Ted Land, former Interim Pastor; Rev. Jim Kirk, former Pastor (via video); Rev. Dr. Melana Scruggs, General Presbytery; and over a hundred congregants and friends made a weekend to remember!

 And, thanks to Bonnie Kluttz and the entire planning team for attending to every single detail from name tags to programs to dinner selection to making sure all anticipated needs were met! Thank you!!!

 Jane and I know we missed a special evening and thought about you and kept you in our prayers that weekend!

 Thanks to Ted Land for leading worship, preaching, and presiding over the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper! Ted reminded us that Lely Presbyterian Church is helping people to find Jesus as they search for meaning in life.

 People are searching and looking for hope in all kinds of places. For fifty years, the congregation of Lely Presbyterian Church has helped families and individuals find peace, comfort, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, a deeper spiritual life, a clearer understanding of Jesus, and a host of other wonderful and positive aspects of life! We are the beneficiaries of people who made this campus possible and we too have a responsibility towards the next generation of people we will never know!

 The important thing is that we know Jesus and for our Lord, we do this!

 This coming Sunday, February 11, Rev. Dr. Melana Scruggs, General Presbyter for Peace River will fill the pulpit. She has been a tremendous resource to Lely in filling the pulpit with great preachers! Thank you, Melana!

 Looking forward, Lely Presbyterian Church will observe Ash Wednesday with a service at 11:00 am in the sanctuary on Wednesday, February 14. Every Wednesday through Lent, please gather in Kemp Hall for Bread and Broth at Noontime. This will be a time of reflection, a simple meal, and spiritual fellowship!

 Jane and I plan to return to Naples around February 25 or 26. Your prayers continue to be appreciated and we are grateful for your care and love!

Welcome to Lely Presbyterian Church!

Welcome to Worship!

Welcome Home!


I remain a Servant of Christ…..




Ed Brandt, Pastor

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