Pastor Ed

Congregants, Friends & Members:

Tim Halverson hit the ball out of the park on Sunday! We are all filled with excuses for inaction and the way the world is. Tim urged each of us to play the hand God dealt us boldly and with courage! That is part of being a resurrection people! We pick up our pallets and go home and face life head on with an unshakable faith in Christ Jesus!! No more excuses!! Live life fully!!

Tim provided encouraging words to Lely Presbyterian Church to move forward in ministry! He gave a word of hope and kindly asked to stop with the excuses!

Lely can and has attracted young families. There is plenty to do for people who want to engage their gifts and abilities for Christ. People have options to simply come to church or do something more!

And, Lely welcomed Beth and Tom Thompson into the life and fellowship as new congregants! Welcome!!!

Every week, a Presbyterian Church somewhere in the country closes. Every week, a church is in decline. Every week, a congregation ponders whether its ministry is valid.

I have read so many arguments about the changing culture and how Christianity is on the decline. I don’t buy it one bit. I firmly believe the church has a message of hope that needs to be proclaimed, practiced, and put forth in meaningful and impactful ways.

Lely Pres has proven the culture wrong because we have been innovative and made decisions for future congregants, not just for current attendees!

The campus many of us enjoy was planned, purchased, and maintained by the generations who came before many of us!

For nearly 50 years, Lely Presbyterian Church has been engaging the community for Christ. When I speak with people gathering in Kemp Hall for the monthly local HOA meeting, they recall worshipping here and bringing their children to Sunday School. Local neighbors have visited and recalled gifts their parents made to Lely Pres. This church continues to have an impact on the community!

Every decision made my Session is not simply for the current congregants. Every decision needs to look forward with a plan in light of future congregants! Lely Pres was built long before you or I settled in Naples…it was a decision that benefited people no one yet knew or would ever know!

Lely is in the throes of a Stewardship Campaign for the annual budget. One study of the zip code where the majority of congregants live indicate and support that a seven figure pledge by the membership is very possible. Please consider increasing your pledge by at least 1% over last year. That slight increase would make an incredible difference! Thank you!!

Finally, be sure to register for the 50th Anniversary Dinner scheduled for Saturday, February 3 at New Hope Ministries on Davis Blvd., beginning at 4:00 pm. The Anniversary team, led by Bonnie Kluttz, is working overtime to ensure a memorable evening!! And then be sure to attend the 50th Anniversary Worship Service on Sunday, February 4th at 10:00 am!!

Click Here to Register for the 50th Anniversary Dinner

You will find below video clip from Rev. Ted Land who served as Interim Pastor with a fond memory! Better yet, register for the dinner and meet Ted in person!

Please know Jane and I are grateful for your support!

Welcome to Lely Presbyterian Church!

Welcome to Worship!

Welcome Home!

I remain a Servant of Christ…..


Ed Brandt, Pastor