Pastor Ed’s Letter for December 28, 2023

Pastor Ed

Dear Congregants, Friends, and Guests:

Christmas Eve welcomed the Christ Child into our midst with joy and celebration. God continues to believe in the world created Millenia ago by becoming human. God has not stopped nor will ever retreat from saving each and every one of us. We come to worship giving our best and putting on a pleasant disposition. Sometimes we succeed and other times we fail. Yet the beautiful aspect of the gospel is that God loves us through Jesus Christ and will never abandon us!

From the choir to proclamation to candlelight, Christmas Eve reminded us again that we too are the characters of Christmas. We gather around a manger as shepherds and Magi did at that first manger moment.

Each service was so different. Familiar faces filled the sanctuary at 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. The number of guests at the 8:00 pm service was inspirational, especially since so many were younger people from the neighborhood! And perhaps, while the least attended, I personally savored the 11:00 pm service….with about fifteen people all gathered at the front of the sanctuary, shared communion, and sang Silent Night with lighted candles raised. Thank you for a memorable Christmas Eve!

As the year ends, I have two asks.

First, please consider a year end gift to Lely Presbyterian Church. The new year is right around the corner and your yearend generosity will set the church up for a strong start in 2024!

Personnel is in the throes of a search for a new Director of Music/Organist/Pianist; Electrical work is planned for the facility to include the towering light in the parking lot for nigh time safety; plans are being discussed to possibly expand office hours; Lely is only six months away from Vacation Bible School; and additional campus improvements continue to be scheduled!

We have made such incredible strides in maintaining the campus, providing gifts to children in New Horizons and Mision Peniel, and support to various missions within Collier County!

Please go to Click Here to make your year end gift or text “Lely” to 73256. Your year end gift will be appreciated and get Lely off to a great start in 2024!

The second ask is to send to the office expressions of appreciation for the work and ministry of Bob and Glenn! They brought world class talent from their 30 years experience at a 2200 member church to Lely Presbyterian Church and within six months had nearly 30 members in the choir! Being able to send them off with such expression would be wonderful! Please contact Brenda Prince via voice/text (616) 485-6728 any questions!

2024 will be year filled with challenges and opportunities!

Your prayers are appreciated as Jane and I will return to New York January 8-20, 2024 for follow up tests and consults. The guest speaker for January 21 will be Rev. Tim Halverson. You got me in the pulpit on January 7!!!

Finally, Bob Morris offered an incredible solo at the 8 & 11 pm Christmas Eve services and you can listen to it below!

Welcome to Lely…..Welcome Home….You Belong Here!!

I remain a Servant of Christ….


Pastor Ed

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