Disaster Preparedness Survey Form

This information will be used to notify you of any impending emergency that might be affecting our community, and later to contact you to assist you, or to let you know of othersin our congregation who require assistance.

A great resource for Hurricane preparedness is the Collier County Emergency website (www.collierem.org). There you will find the “All Hazards Guide.” Once inside the Guide, you will find a comprehensive list of helpful topics relating to storm safety both before and after the storm.

If you or someone you know would benefit by registering with the County for special needs shelter designation and you require assistance in filling out the paperwork, please leave a message for our committee with Marybeth DeGarmo (239.774.6151) in the church office. A member of our committee will then contact you to assist you in filling out the paperwork.

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Example: October through April
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Do you have special equipment which can be used if necessary, such as a truck, travel trailer/RV, generator, chain saw,pump, ham radio, etc If so, please list:
Do you have special talents that can be utilized following a disaster, If so please list.